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How is the MV Score Calculated?
 We have designed the MV Scoring system to provide Investors,
Venture Capitalists, Business Owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs
an accurate and reliable process to assess the risks and rewards
of business purchases or mergers.  We begin the process with an
in-depth review of past and current financial data for the company
in question.  Merger Value compares data from all industries,
annual revenue categories, and historical trend lines.  Merger
Value can also compare the business in question in relation to
your current business portfolio.
  The MV Score for any company  Merger Value reviews will range from
-25 to +25.  Positive numbers represent Investor Value where Negative
numbers represent Investor Risk territory.  Companies with the highest
positive MV Score are companies that outperform their competitors and
industry and represent the best value for investors and financial institutions.
We believe our MV Scoring system provides the most accurate business
valuation based on over 50 individual points of analysis for costs, revenues,
asset schedules, employee production, debt load, and sales.  
What is the MV Score?
How can I Benefit from the MV Score?
  Build your Business Plan on a firm Foundation
 Similar to a credit score, the MV Score allows Merger Value to
provide an independent assessment of investor value or risk.  Our
Business Review Report highlights over 50 individual components
of company performance to give the investor detailed comparisons.
  Accurately Present the true Value for Investors
Track Industry Changes and Outperform the Curve
Compare Multiple Businesses for Highest Level of Value
Provide Insight to Banks or Investors for Financing Requests
Venture Capital Firms
     Business Owners
 Business Purchasers
     Business Sellers
  Financial Institutions
 Minimize the Risk - Maximize the Potential
MV Score
Purchases & Mergers
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