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  Merger Value is the resource you need when you purchase a business,
whether it is your first purchase or adding a business to your portfolio.  Our
in-depth review will give you the information you need to accurately assess
the value and potential of a company.  

 Merger Value can begin the process for you.  We frequently receive calls
from investor groups or individuals who are searching for businesses and
investment opportunities, but wish to keep their names confidential until
they have had the opportunity to review our Business Assessment Report.
Merger Value can work directly with the business broker or owner to begin
our review process on your behalf to save valuable time and potential risk.

 Every company listed for sale is different.  You need a resource to high-
light the areas for improvement, strong performance areas, and potential
pitfalls in the beginning stage of the business purchase process.  Our
review is completely confidential and is completed within your time frame.
Business Purchases
Mergers and Integration
  One of the most difficult processes an existing business can undertake
is the integration of another business into your portfolio after a merger.  
Merger Value can assess the value of integration during the initial merger
discussion.  During vertical integration mergers, companies are differentiated
in almost every aspect of each company. How does a Lighting Manufacturer
accurately assess the value and benefits of acquiring a Plastics Extruder?
Are we better served to purchase a competitor or start a new location?  

 This is where Merger Value can be your integration resource.  We will
provide an Independent Review of both companies and present our review
allow you to accurately assess potential synergies and cost centers.  Our
Consulting Services will annually review the performance of both companies
against the industry trends and revenue categories to provide a long-term
baseline trend for your combined company’s performance.
 We work closely with Venture Capitalists and Venture Capital Firms to
assess their goals and risk tolerances.  We will provide our Business
Review and MV Score for your portfolio to add another point of comparison
when searching for new companies to acquire.  We will custom tailor your
report to add another layer of comparison to help highlight potential profit
opportunities or avoid potential pitfalls.  

 Things move quickly in the Venture Capital markets.  You need a resource
to provide the accurate information, research, and detail you require to
discuss a company acquisition with your investors, board members, or
financial institutions.  Once we build your custom portfolio report, we can
begin our review of any new company with a brief conference call about the
company In question to discuss the initial details.  We can work on your
behalf with the business broker or owner to gather the past financial reports
and details we need to begin the review process.  

 Merger Value can also help Venture Capital Firms find potential companies
for acquisition.  When we build your report, we will discuss the referral
process and only provide referrals for companies we have reviewed that
match your preferred risk tolerances and industry sectors.
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Purchases & Mergers
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