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Consulting Services
 What is our biggest competitive advantage?

      Are we capitalizing on our advantages?

       How productive are our employees?

      Is my business achieving its goals?

        What are achievable goals to set?

            Do we have the right goals?     

        How do we measure our success?

        What areas need the most focus?

       How do we compare to the industry?

      How has the recession impacted us?

How has the recession impacted our customers?

 How will rising fuel prices affect our business?
 If you have questions similar to these, you need to contact
Merger Value.  Small and Mid-size businesses are the most
susceptible to influences from outside factors.  How do you
protect your business?  How are your competitors protecting
their businesses?  Do our goals incorporate market changes?

  Merger Value will be the independent resource you need
to help determine achievable goals, measure your success,
and provide industry trend lines to help your business
“Beat the Curve” every year.
What are your questions?
Quarterly Review Services
 We make the process simple for the business owner and investor.
We remove the need for on-site consultants interviewing your employees,
interrupting work flows, and implementing changes in your facility.  Our
review will provide an objective view of your business and provide a
road map to growth and profitability.

 After our initial discussion about your business and your goals, we
will begin building your Business Assessment and MV Score Report.  
We will review your prior 3-5 years of financial reports and data,
compare your data to industry trends and provide our detailed report
and MV Score for your business.  This historical view will provide the
insight you need when building a baseline to track your business’s
successes and growth.

 When our Assessment and MV Score Report is complete, we will
submit our Report for your review and discuss our findings.  Merger
Value can help you highlight areas for improvement and set achievable
goals.  We will work behind the scenes for you to help grow your
business and increase your profits.

  Each quarter, we will automatically update our report with your current
financial reports and data to track your progress to help you exceed
your goals.  We can work directly with your Accounting Firm, Controller,
or Accountant to gather the information and provide our reports to the
business owner or investor.  We allow you to spend your time growing
your business.   

 We will provide a Year-End Review and MV Score Report as a
comparison for review to allow you to quickly review your performance
vs your prior year and historical baseline average.  This Report will
graphically track and show your performance toward your long-term
and short-term goals.

 We believe that our review process provides the business owner or
investor the highest level of review and comparison without the need for
on-site consultants interrupting your employees.  Imagine the benefits
having independent verification of your thoughts and goals.  We can
begin our Review for your business today.  
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