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How does your Business Compare?
  Our Independent Review Process will provide the insight you
need into Industry Trends, Revenue Growth and Cost Structures
   Before you purchase a business.  Only Merger Value Risk
Management can provide the MV Score for business strength.
  We created Merger Value due to the lack of independent and non-biased
resources available for accurately reviewing the value of a merger or acquisition.  
We knew that we were not alone.  We knew that there were thousands of
aspiring entrepreneurs just like us that were searching for verification to grow
their ideas and dreams.  But how do you accurately compare different types of
manufacturing companies?  Merger Value will provide an accurate comparison
with our proprietary MV Score to match the best business to you or to help
you focus on growth areas for your existing business. Let us be your guide.

  We are not business brokers.  We work with investors, venture capital firms,
current business owners, entrepreneurs and lenders.  We are an independent
resource for you.  We cater to all types of manufacturing companies.  We want
to be your resource to grow and expand your current business or help with your
first business purchase.  We know how important it is to receive an independent
review and we have the knowledge and resources to give you a completely
objective business review.

About us
 When searching for my first business purchases, I was surprised to find the
amount of detail to review when pouring through years of Financial Reports,
Performance Trend Lines, Market Dynamics, and Forecasting Overall
Stability.  To this end, we set out to build the premier Merger Valuation
Resource and Research company.  We have designed the proprietary
MV Score and compiled years of financial data to assist you to build your
business plan on firm ground.  I wanted to know every  aspect of a business’s
finances  before my purchase, and now your business can benefit from our
review as well.

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